At the moment, I’m working on a note card pack, focusing on animals and their mythology. Below is the fox and my efforts so far. I am so eager to finish them but as yet only 2 are done. Not to mention that I have yet to buy the card and envelopes.


So, I’ve been meaning to depict the story of the stray cow for quite a while now, and have finally pulled my finger out and done it. This was quite a difficult illustration to do, not least because I needed to make the cow as pretty as possible (most photos of cows are not the most flattering).

The colours and background was also a difficult task as at first I wanted to make the cow walk out of a lake. After many attempts, I realised that this was always going to look a little bit like a suicidal cow or one caught stuck in a flood and so ditched the idea and chose a mushroom fairy ring instead to try and convey its fairy links.

If your interested in the story, it is from the Welsh Fairy Tale book called the Mabinogion which has many short stories, “The Stray Cow” is the one I chose, but I will be illustrating more as they are very beautiful.


3 pictures of heart of roses

Here is a few pictures of my new card which I put up for sale today. It shows the process of how I go about making the card. I first draw it in pencil, then trace over the lines with ink and scan it into my computer. Once that’s done, it’s a case of painting and re-tracing in Photoshop  and ultimately playing around with colours backgrounds etc until I’m happy. I tried lots of different backgrounds with this and in the end decided to just keep it simple. This sometimes happens (in fact it happens a lot) but its a lot of fun 🙂


Well, here I am. My first blog dedicated to all things Old Wives Tale, which basically means all my art inspiration, ideas thoughts and much much more hopefully. I shall be sharing secrets and asking for feedback on ideas too, so please do leave comments and thoughts. I would love to hear what you think. x x x

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